Gallery Suite Jazz Series 2014 is kicking off!

Experience a unique, intimate music showcase in a hip, urban raw studio space hosted by saxophonist Phil Denny. Open wood rafters, hardwood floors and exposed brick walls create the ideal space for a night of cool jazz.

You and your guest can expect the finest level of artistry from musical talents from around the state. With an exclusive eighty seat capacity, each person present will feel as though the music is being performed just for them.
The gallery suite doors will open at 6:30pm and guests are welcome and encouraged to visit the main gallery floor to view the artwork and experience the atmosphere of La Fille Gallery. Entry to the gallery suite is located in the back of the gallery (south) just off Museum Drive. THIS IS A PRE-SALE ONLY EVENT!
We are excited to bring you this unique music experience and look forward to entertaining you!
Tickets are on sale now for the February 7th, 2014 Jazz Series kickoff!
Online ticketing at:
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LaFille Gallery is open!

My personal gallery design center is open and running successfully! We are located at 336 E. Michigan Ave. Lansing Mi. Hours open to the public are Fridays 11-7 and Saturdays 11-5.

Last Day to VOTE!!

Go to the TAVERN ON THE SQUARE today or send this link to any of your friends in or near Grand Rapids, to see the finish piece and vote…. We will be there around 4 to midnight!! Come have a drink, see some cool, amazing art all over the downtown area. If you haven’t been there yet, it is well worth the trip. Even if you can’t come today (Wednesday, 28th) Still make your way before Oct. 9th to see all this art! Check out the Grand Rapids Press for Tuesday the 27th and you will see my “gone with the wind” piece as a piece to see!! Also check out the City Pulse (Lansing paper) for today’s article on the piece as well! Thank- You everyone for your support!

Fourth Video is up!!!!!

Last night was the reveal! That will be posted next. This is an icrediable expierience… Come out and see me! I’ll be there tonight, Friday, Saturday and Sunday for sure. Voting is only til the 28th and its very important you vote and spread the word around to vote, 50% of the artist are from Grand Rapids so I need all the support we can muster up!

Spread the word!!! …. Grand Rapids ART Prize 2011……


It’s up!  Covered and ready for today’s reveal.  Tavern on the square, 100 Ionia Street, Grand Rapids, that’s where you will find me everyday til Sunday and many different times next week. I will keep you posted daily and hope everyone is able to see this piece live!  Get everyone you know to sign up their email so I can keep them informed!!

Tonight 6:00pm…. I am cordially inviting you to the Tavern, otherwise anytime until the 28th (which is last day to vote anyone into the top 10)

I forgot what a full nights sleep was like!

Fourth video should be up soon!

Third video is up!

The art prize is coming up fast!!  I am still diligently working on this piece, this week I hope to have all the carving done and color started. So much detail and so little time!

My Grand Rapids Art Prize Video is now posted….

Welcome to my blog!  First of all, remember to subscribe your email so you can keep up with my progress on the piece I am working on for this years Art Prize!

 Art Prize is an art competition in Grand Rapids Michigan. The downtown area hosts over 1,500 art pieces that are displayed within three blocks, you win by popular vote via txt, phone, or internet. during the first week, everyone votes for the pieces they like, the second week you vote on only the top 10 which then determines the placement for prizes. You have to summit your art/medium and description of art along with your bio to the association and pay a fee to enter, then there’s several business’ that choose to host artwork in their establishments, so the business, or “Venue”, will read your profile and Bios and choose whether or not they would like to “host” your art. Once a connection is made with the artist, then the arrangements are made.  I submitted and was asked by a few hosts; after viewing websites I chose Tavern on the Square. (located at 100 Ionia Ave. SW Grand Rapids, kiddy corner from the Van Andel Arena) up until I saw their website I was unsure of what I was going to make exactly until I saw that they had Civil War paintings, immediately I thought of   “Gone With the Wind”. Still unsure of how I was going to accomplish that, I decided to “wing it” and just do what ever I was thinking at the time,  I found a few images of  Clark Gable as Rhett Butler and Vivien Leigh as Scarlett O’Hara and I went from there. I will have several videos to show the progress made by David Such and his team from Such Video (old town, Lansing)

Here is the link to show you how you can vote!!!!

 The type of art I focus on is Multi-media relief sculptures, that actually is carved concrete stone, in many forms. I carve what I am thinking then I embellish is with recycled stones, crystals and glass, until I am happy with it. Each piece has a story and each piece is original to its design. I can do custom pieces i.e. a daughter in her wedding gown, a new baby, women from generations, golfing series, jazz pieces, etc… any subject that I can make out an image, I can carve it.

I will posts other examples of my work in the art tab, if your interested in buying any of these pieces contact me directly, I also am available for commissioned art, which is primarily what I produce. I am currently in the Fifth Avenue Design Gallery  on 5th Ave. in Naples Florida,  and in Key West at DeRubise fine metal art on Duval Street. Please feel free to leave comments.

Tiffany Klein, Artist
989-587-3559- office
1220 N. Washington Ave (behind the October Moon botique)
Lansing’s “Old Town”
Lansing, Michigan